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SuperSummit 2022


Tackling Today's Challenges in K-12 for Superintendents, Administrators and School Leaders

SuperSummit 2022 Brings Together the Most Diverse and Innovative District Superintendents From Private, Public and Charter Sectors to Share Experiences and Advice on Various Issues Across K-12 Today.

Hear directly from Superintendents about innovative strategies they implemented at their districts to overcome challenges facing thousands of students they manage across the U.S., and learn practical steps you can take with you for your school.

September 28-29, 2022  |  10am-5pm EST  |  Virtual

Curated Sessions Focusing On The Most Pressing Topics Facing K-12 Students Today

  • Staff & Student Mental Health
    September 28-29
    Online Session
    September 28-29
    Online Session
    Learn the most effective tools and proven techniques to combat the rising mental health disparities affecting students, educators, and providers.
  • Student-To-Guidance-Counselor Ratios
    September 28-29
    Online Session
    September 28-29
    Online Session
    Student-to-Counselor Ratios are dangerously high across the U.S. at ~450:1, worsening the rising rate of student depression, anxiety & disciplinary issues. Hear directly from District Superintendents on how they successfully combatted this issue with practical advise on how you overcome it.
  • Financial Resources
    September 28-29
    Online Session
    September 28-29
    Online Session
    Attend this workshop to learn about resources that can help fund school, classroom and educational programs and projects.
  • Equity vs. Accountability
    September 28-29
    Online Session
    September 28-29
    Online Session
    There is no secret about the nationwide achievement and opportunity gaps by income and race/ethnicity across K-12. Join this session to learn of the effective measures District Superintendents put in place to resolve this nationwide challenge, and how you can adapt these strategies to your school.
  • Learning Challenges
    Beginning September 28th
    Online Session
    Beginning September 28th
    Online Session
    The global pandemic forced school administrators to rethink traditional educational formats and adapt the new norm of distance learning. Join this session to find out how K-12 school leaders can rise to these new challenges and engage students in innovative and effective ways.

With Practical Insights From Nationally Recognized Subject-Matter Experts in K-12

Estrella Headshot 2022.jpeg

Dr. Alexandra Estrella

 Norwalk Public Schools 


    Joe Sanfelippo

     Fall Creek School District 

    _AVI5303-347C-web (2).jpg

    Aviva Kafka

     Hyde Park Central SD 


    Norm Stewart

     Marsing Joint SD #363 


      Kelsey LaVigne

      Author, Past Superintendent
       Brilla Public Charter Schools 


      Rob Price

       Onondaga Central SD 

      Lisa A. Ford

      Trauma Certified Mental Health Clinician,
      Former Educator & Director of Student Services
       Family Service Association of Bucks County 

      Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 6.36.17 PM.png
      Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 6.36_edited.jpg

      Moshe Fried, LCSW

      Founder, CEO, ClasStars
       Clinical Social Worker 

      Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 1.39.28 AM.png
      Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 1.39_edited.jpg

      Kendria R. Johnson M.Ed

      Teacher, Author, Business Owner
       T.E.A.C.H 4 LIFE 

      Theodore S. Ransaw Ph.D.

      Author & Outreach Specialist
      K-12 Outreach, College of Education

      Agenda At-A-Glance: Day 1

      Opening Keynote
      10:00am-10:30am EST

      Staff & Student Mental Health

      Distance Learning

      Lunch & Learn 

      Author's Corner

      Equity vs. Accountability

      Private Networking (VIPs)

      Agenda At-A-Glance: Day 2

      Student-to-Guidance-Counselor Ratio
      10:30am-11:00am EST

      Financial Resources

      Lunch & Learn 

      Author's Corner

      Private Breakout Session (1)

      Private Breakout Sessions (2)

      Trade Show Conference


      SuperSummit 2022 offers you unprecedented access to highly sought after decision makers in K-12. 

      Reach district Superintendents, Administrators and School Leaders in a truly intimate B2B setting. 

      Promote your product or service to key influencers across public, private and charter sectors nationwide.

      Contact Us For More information:

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